Regular Savings Scheme

At Complete Financial we understand and recognise your need for a regular savings account that offers both flexibility and stability while at the same time maximising the return on your savings. If you missed out on the SSIA account or you would simply like to continue regularly saving, it is the perfect opportunity for you to establish a monthly savings routine and benefit from a competitive rate of interest on your savings.

Features of a Regular Savings Scheme

You can opt to make a minimum fixed contribution of €100 to a maximum contribution of €1,000 or €2,000 for a joint account every month. The payment can be made by standing order, direct credit or internal transfer payment on a date of your choice.

Highly Competitive Rates of Interest linked to the ECB rate
The Regular Saver Deposit Account is an ECB tracking savings account which guarantees to track the European Central Bank rate and we undertake to pay you that rate PLUS a margin on top. Regular savings schemes are offered by many investment trust companies ISA providers and unit trust managers and allow investors to contribute sometimes as little as 50 Euro a month.

Besides making equity investment accessible to those of lesser means regular savings schemes have a number of other advantages.

The fact that you are dripping your money gradually into the investment rather than all in one go means that you dont need to worry about market timing and the risk of buying shares just at the moment when they are wildly overpriced and are about to plummet in value. Also regular savers benefit from an effect called poundcost averaging which means that over time the average amount paid for the shares works out to be less than the shares average price.

Another advantage is that regular savings schemes are flexible and payments can be increased reduced or even suspended for a time depending on your circumstances.

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