Pre Retirement Advice

As the 31st October deadline has now passed this is a question on many of our minds and the answer simply is YES.
Yes we should invest in our pensions because:

  • When we make a contribution to our pension scheme, we get tax relief at our higher rate of earning, i.e. 41% (20% if you’re a lower rate taxpayer)
  • Share values are at an all time low, therefore it is a good time to buy into the share market and get very good value for money.



Retirement Planning-Making life easier

When you retire, your earnings could be a lot less than you are used to. If you had to live on a State pension only, you would probably have to take a big drop in your income. For example, the State contributory pension is currently €223.30 a week. (€12,000 approx a year)
The Government encourages you to build pension fund now, by offering substantial tax relief on your contributions, so you can reap the benefits today.
The earlier you start your own pension the better. You’d be amazed at how much difference a few years head start can make. So what’s stopping you. Take the first step today towards sorting out your future.

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